As most of you know, Apple started shipping iPhone X in many countries and it looks like that the people who pre-ordered it may noticed that their order’s status changed to “preparing for shipment/dispatch” ahead of November 3 launch.

Several users located in Europe noted in MacRumors’ forums that their order status has been changed recently to preparing for shipment or dispatch. When an order reaches that phase, it can no longer be changed or canceled.

Most products ordered through Apple’s online store ship directly from China. If you’ve received a notice saying your order is being prepared for dispatch, that doesn’t mean you were born under a lucky star and that the phone will arrive at your doorsteps earlier than expected.

Due to time zone differences, customers in New Zealand and Australia will surely receive their iPhone X ahead of the rest of the world. Soon after the first orders arrive there, you’ll get your early unboxing videos from enthusiasts and an iPhone X teardown analysis from iFixit.


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