iphone 8 galaxy s8 water resistance test

Apple launched its new iPhone 8 with both the dust and water-resistance and same goes for Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung’s Galaxy S8, however, has a better IP certification than Apple’s iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is IP67 certified while the Galaxy S8 has an IP68 certification. How about a real-life water resistance test of both of these devices?

iphone 8 galaxy s8 water resistance test

A YouTuber who goes by the name iTwe4kz has done a comparison video for water-resistance between iPhone 8 and the Galaxy s8. The video shows that both smartphone with their IP67 and IP68 certification easily survived more than 30 minutes under water. Halfway through the test, the Galaxy S8 display started to behave like something is interacting with it, however, that did not turn out to be water seeping inside the device.

Both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 were working properly when taken out of the water. Given the IP 67/68 certification for dust & water-resistance, getting out of the water after 30 minutes without any damage does not come as a surprise. Despite being resistant against water, keep in mind that both Apple and Samsung do not honor any kind of damage incurred due to water under regular warranty.

Also, note that you cannot take your iPhone 8 swimming with you. It is IP67 certified, which means that the device cannot bear the water pressure below 1m depth. The water may breach the water-resistance seal and seep into the device resulting in a permanent damage.

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