Vimeo, the famous video service which launched an iPhone app several months ago allowing you to shoot, upload and edit videos on the go is back again is making its way to the iPad and Android bringing you this time full video experience. You’ll be able to like, share, and comment as you do on the web site, in addition to the usual search and video watching.

The preview images for the iPad version of Vimeo, coming later this month, show a completely redesigned interface. The iPad app takes advantage of the device`s large screen to simultaneously browse and watch videos.

As for Vimeo for Android, it offers the basic options for creating, uploading and watching videos as well as integrating Android`s sharing options which means you`ll be able to share your videos on the social networks you have installed on your device.

Although the app doesn’t require an account, logging in will grant you access to a full range of Vimeo features like commenting, saving, and viewing your Watch Later list. For Android users on 10-inch tablets, the Android app provides a modified experience with the large screen to browse other videos, recommendations, collections, and more while running a video in a separate pane.

Download Vimeo for Andorid HERE And HERE.

Awaiting the iPad version of the app. We`ll keep you posted.


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