Only four days ago we brought the cheerful news of major hackers joining forces to work on the iPhone 4S/iPad 2 untethered jailbreak and looks like it`s paying off. Pod2G and P0sixninja four days ago said they were having sandbox issues hurdling their progress.

Pod2G recently revealed that he is experiencing some problems with the A5 untether jailbreak. In a tweet, Chronic Dev Team member p0sixninja also said that he is having sandbox issues which is impairing the progress of the A5 untether jailbreak. So, theoretically, the untether jailbreak for A5 devices is here. However, there are some problems preventing its distribution. They just need an exploit which will allow the jailbreak to be distributed.

However, to everyone`s relief, pod2G in a tweet today declared that the sandboxing issues which hampered the project`s progress are no longer a problem.

Pod2G expressed his gratitude for the well-known and respected hacker Saurik for his contributions to the highly-anticipated project. Now that the major problem is surpassed, they should be working on the packaging and releasing the jailbreak. However, MuscleNerd acknowledge`s that there`s until now no ETA on the project`s release.

Great news for every iPhone4S/iPad 2 owner out there, but bad news for developers waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak for testing, for Pod2G tweeted that the exploit, until official release, will be kept secret.

The team indicated that A5 untethered jailbreak would come this week !!!

Waiting on pins and needles.


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