October 4th will not only hold the launch of the iPhone 5, but also the release of the iPad Facebook app as well as the unveiling of a modified version of the iPhone app.

This app was leaked earlier this year but Facebook had its code buried inside the iPhone app. This was clarified in a blog spot by Facebook former engineer Jeff Verkoeyen as one of the reasons behind his decision to leave Facebook for Google for the app was completed since May. MG, Siegier explained that the delay in the release of the official iPad app since Apple and Facebook have not been on the best of terms for two years. For example, the social network pulled the plug on Facebook Connect in Ping because Facebook was not notified about the feature beforehand which would have eaten a great deal of bandwidth on Facebook’s side.

It is also heard that Facebook and Apple are working together to perfect the HTML5 platform which may be launched at upcoming iPhone 5 event.

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