With the near of the iPhone 5 launch,a question a lot of people might be asking themselves is whether to upgrade to the new phone or just settle with the one they already have?.This infograph is here to help to get off the fence.

Drawing a comparison between the different gens of the iPhone in terms of the features upgrades,the apps installed,jailbreaks,and the new features people would like to see in the next gen.

This survey conducted by PaidViewPoint and AYTM asked 1,000 U.S. iPhone owners aged 18 years and older a series of questions. A set of data was then concluded showing their intentions to the early upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Based on a number of criteria, the survey concluded that 46% of current iPhone owners are intending to upgrade within six months of its launch. The idea is the newer the model currently owned,the more likely the owner is to upgrade early to iPhone 5,and the older the model, the less likely the user will upgrade.

It also concluded that iPhone users between the ages of 18-34 are 31% more likely to upgrade than 35 and older.
(Via Mashable, Infographic courtesy AYTM and PaidViewpoint)

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