You love this trick 🙂 : This is for those who have iPhone  as well as Mac, then you would love this. This technique allows you to lock and unlock your Mac if you have Bluetooth-capable device. Its very simple,easy and convenient and you won’t need to jailbreak it.
Here are steps of Unlocking your Mac with iPhone:

Step 1: You have to download this file which includes Apple’s two scripts as well as Bluetooth proximity program for your Mac.After it has downloaded , open it.

Step 2: Click the icon that resembles Bluetooth logo.It will make run the program and install icon in your menu bar.Double click the new icon and select preferences.

Step 3: Ensure to keep your monitoring device enabled,after it you have to select interval at which you want your Mac look for Bluetooth device. For recognizing your Mac,you will need to select the device.And also keep in mind to enable your iphone’s bluetooth and link it up.

Step 4: Ultimately,you will need to add the scripts of Apple.In ‘out of range’ script field select Change

You will need to select Apple script that you have just downloaded marked with ‘outrange’.Then do it exactly the same as with ‘in range script’.

Step 5: Finally,If you want to try you will need to turn your iPhone’s Bluetooth off and on and see if your Mac responds.

That’s it,You will see when computer unlocks, these scripts of Apple turns on to play a song in iTunes.In order to disable it,Open up the Apple script ‘inrange’ and remove above line saying “tell application ‘iTunes’ to play”



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