Just an hour ago, we have got a leaked video about JailbreakMe 3.0 which support iOS 4.3.3 and it was leaked in the wild by one of the private beta testers. A guy wrote a comment on one of my post about iPad 2 jailbreak:

iPad 2 jailbreak has been released , I tried this and worked fine for me ……… this unofficial but it worked as official for me

For about one hour the comment sudden me and I wonder no site mention or confirm the leaks, I made my searching and calling, and again no one gave me the confirming. Finally I decided to make the steps myself before posting specially I found a rare video associated on You-Tube. But before going on Please not that you’ll need is an iPad running iOS 4.3.3 or under (iOS 5 isn’t supported yet) and an Internet connection. No computer is required for this jailbreak.

  1. Open the Mobile Safari browser from the iPad , and enter the URL.
  2. Now Safari Browser will automatically close and you will see the progress bar with the cydia icon which shows the downloading of the files. No need to get worried why your iPad browser get closed suddenly.
  3. Now after the downloading completes just Turn off the iPad and then again boot it , it will longer than the normal and as soon as the iPad starts , you will notice that it now Jailbroken.
  4. Enjoy it , if it works for you.

Don’t ask me what what is the result of mine but if you decide to make yours, tell me is it a fake video or not? and I will tell you, but if you looked to this image you will find that iPad 2 is jailbroken successfully (From redmondpie)



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