Sooner or later, the battle will happen, Facebook and Google+ are gearing up for the century battle to attract more users (by Google+), returning users (By Facebook when google+ become available to the general public).

Google just launched it’s highly talked about social network (Google+), boasting new features that will blow Facebook out of the water. And, Mark Zuckerberg could not just sit on the side lines and let Google get all the glory, he announced that Facebook will be launching a new feature next week (according to sources, Facebook is all set to launch its new in-browser Skype powered video chat facility).(Read More Below) But the ordinary question we must wait its answer is Could it possibly be similar to the features available in Google+? And the malignant question with answer is did Mark Zuckerberg has his own Google+ profile? Yes he has !!!!!!

OK, these were the small two questions, and the small two answers, But the big absence one comes with some deep thinking and leads us to high level of the Vs, will be between Apple/Facebook Vs Google/Google+, Why?

Apple and Google keep dropping sick smart phones while RIMM continues to bend over. RIMM posted an anonymous letter from an employee on BoyGenius critical of the strategy, challenges, and opportunities lost with the company and calls for another CEO. RIMM said the will consider splitting its CEO and Chairmen roles, which doesn’t address the issue of how they will be competing in the future.

Word on the street is Apple and Facebook have teamed up for special apps for Ipads and Iphones. Facebook is not launching project spartan and China wants to buy some facebook for some reason.

At the same time

Google is doing pretty good with phones. Google+ trial has been closed to the public because of such high demand. Google actually used the word “insane” to describe the initial demand and the 9 reasons to switch from facebook to google+ arent opinions of why it is better, they are facts.

More deals and apps to come? Google+ or Facebook? Google smartphones or Apple iphones?
Please write your comment !! (I wonder no. of comments are very …..)

Facebook Launching Skype Powered Video Chat On Wednesday:
Many analysts believe that Facebook’s “something awesome” would be related to the mobile or tablet arena including the release of a long-awaited Facebook app for iPad and a dedicated app for photo-sharing on the iPhone. However, it turns out that its going to be completely different. Partnering with Skype, Facebook will now bring in-brower video chat for its over 750 million users.

Facebook has also posted a job opening requiring the services of a software developer to make desktop applications for Windows and Mac. Does this mean that Facebook wants to make a debut in desktop based video chatting solution as well? With Skype already dominating that, how does Facebook plan to do that whilst being in partnership with Skype itself?



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