Well, it looks like that Google search announced a new search features in it’s big search event where it took place today, the most important feature in these event is the voice search on your desktop computers (not just smartphones) and enhancements to Instant Search and Image Search. Without further ado, let’s get to to them!

 And that’s not the first time we see this feature but we also saw it in Android and iPhone but today it comes to computers where you will be able to speak to your search engine, wow isn’t that a great thing users of Google’s English website will see a new microphone icon next to the search field: clicking on it will bring up Voice Search, like so:

The second feature is search by image : with “Search by image” feautre Google users will be able to upload images straight to the search engine and Google will search through the image file and attempt to locate any similar images and return you the terms they’re associated with, as the company explained on a blog post:

If you click the camera, you can upload any picture or plug in an image URL from the web and ask Google to figure out what it is. Try it out when digging through old vacation photos and trying to identify landmarks

Check how Search by image feautre work in this video below :

Oh, I almost forget Google company has released an extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets users identify any picture on the web by simply right-clicking.
The third feautre is Instant Pages :

 This features helps cut load time of searches by downloading the likeliest result users are likely to pick in the background, before the user has the time to click them. Google hasn’t explained how the engine manages to predict which results are the most likely to get clicked on, the company insists it’s “been working for years to develop [its] relevance technology” That will allow the most common results to load instantly (in virtually zero seconds) when the user decides to load them:

Google always gives us some feartures we really in a need for it.



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