What a big problem, 400K apps in Apple’s app store + more than 500K have been approved + Android Marketplace has around 300K apps + There are a lot apps out there already, and more hit app stores every day. How you, I, and he can find new apps that you actually care about?

Some one may say that there are some awesome tools out there already trying to direct the fire hose and filter the noise. (Chomp, Zwapp, Frenzapp, Appsfire, and Heyzap), Some of them is trying to become the Google search for apps, others bringing social to app discovery, and the rest is busy trying to kill game discovery. (Read More Below)

Any way, Today a new tool from Discovr aims to organize the mess that is the App Store organization in a intuitive graphical interface. In January, Discovr launched a cool new app for the iPad that displayed an interactive map of the music world that displays, among other things, connections between bands and artists. It also allows the user, with a few quick taps, to view musicians’ videos on YouTube and more. In fact, the sounded appealing enough that it attracted 150K downloads in three days. Holy tamale. Today, Discovr is applying its music discovery and visualization model for iOS to apps, and it’s just as good, if not better. Granted, I’m a sucker for creative design and spatial data-aggregation tools. Nerdy as charged.

The network of apps is based on a combination of algorithms and human curation. While there are bound to be some oddities in each network, having a graphical map of all the apps on the App Store would be insane. This is actually possible as each network of similarly created apps can be expanded as you go, but the number of pages necessary for such a feat would be quite unreasonable.

If you like it, you can get Discover Apps From iTunes store for only $0.99 From HERE.

Chomp is the search engine that finds the apps you want. Chomp’s proprietary algorithm learns the functions and topics of apps, so you can search based on what apps do, not just what they’re called. Try searching for “puzzle games”, “kids games”, “expense trackers”, “tip calculators” or “chat” and start finding great apps. Chomp for iPhone was launched January 2010. Chomp is available via a free download in the iTunes App Store, Android Marketplace and on the web at www.chomp.com.
Zwapp automatically detects new apps on your device, so that you can quickly build up a profile of apps that you own. You can follow friends you already know on Facebook or Twitter with a simple UI and build up a vibrant app community in seconds. Zwapp extends to the web as well. Zwapp users can visit and share their profile and apps on the web with their friends. When you browse the Zwapp network you will not only see friends and their apps, but you can also browse apps and see who uses them. (blog.zwapp.com)
Frenzapp allows you to browse and discover the apps that your Facebook friends use and like. We have assumed that your friends’ favorite apps might be much relevant to you and Frenzapp gives you the easiest way ever to discover these exciting new apps. Download Frenzapp for FREE on the App Store
Appsfire It makes for Developers and Advertisers, find out how the App Booster SDK can help monetize your app, boost virality, and increase user engagement. Read More HERE.
provides users with a way to check-in to their favorite games, discover games and join a massive community of mobile gamers. Heyzap allows users to let other gamers know what they are playing, leave or browse tips for their favorite games, and earn badges. blog.heyzap.com


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