• iPad 2 comes with a dual-core A5 chip which makes it two times faster than the first iPad. Anyone can easily feel the variation at the time of surfing the web, making Face-Time video calls, watching movies, gaming and going from one application to another. This new chip gives iPad 2 a new speed.
  • The graphics performance of this new version is 9 times faster than the old one. So, the users can feel the games smoother and more sensible playing on it. The applications related with video are faster especially for using iMovie for editing videos, photo library, and animations in Keynote.
  • Well people who are new to Apple product, jailbreak is process which will allow you to install Third Party application to iPad 2. After jailbreaking iPad 2, you are able to download themes, extensions and applications that are unavailable through Apple’s official App Store.
  • Now first of all, we should know what’s jailbreak. iOS jail breaking is a process that authorize the devices running Apple’s iOS operating system (such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and recently Apple TV) to gain complete access to unlock all features of the said operating system, thereby removing limitations imposed by Apple. Once jailbroken, iOS users are able to download additional applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store.

(2) Jailbreak OR Break iPad 2:

Any way My second Note is: due to misinterpretation of his picture and all the rumors about the iPad 2 jailbreak it was thaught that he might be on to some Jailbreak. But according to the picture it seems that he has Broken his iPad 2 Glass, Not Jailbroken it. Try max. resolution for the pic. and you can see the App store side.
Is  it broken or not?
Did he mean this or not? I mean he might have to send a certain message.
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(1) iPad 2 Jailbreak Is Not GreenPois0n:

Well, it looks like we have some great news here about the iPad 2 jailbreak here. A new tweet from the well-known iPhone developer @Veeence who claims that the iPad 2 jailbreak is roughly 3 weeks away.
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Here we provide you a way to jailbreak iPad 2, which is quite safe without any problem. This jailbreaking method will enable the iPad 2 to use all the available features with unbounded restrictions. All have a similar process of action.

Step by step tutorial : how to jailbreak iPad 2:

Step 1: Verify the iTunes which you use is the latest version and then sync your iPad on last time in order to back all the data of iPad 2 up.

Step 2: Download the jailbreaking tool (……….), a new for Mac or PC, and connect the iPad to your computer using the USB cable.

Step 3: Run the (……….) jailbreak application. If you are a Windows user, you need to run the program as an administrator-right, click on the .exe file and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu.

Step 4: Click the “jailbreak” button, and the iPad will automatically reboot.
Once rebooted, you will see the “Cydia” application installed on your iPad’s desktop. From it, you have access to all unapproved, third-party applications.
Moreover, so far as legal proceedings are concerned, jailbreaking is legalized in US and in many countries in European Union. So nowadays, it has been widely done.


  1. The only potential problems are if you install apps that have not been specifically designed to work with iOS. Some Cydia apps will cause your screen to look a little different, such as shrinking your dock. This is not a big deal and can be handled by simply restarting your device.
  2. So that is how to perform an iPad 2 jailbreak. After jailbreak iPad 2, if you are interested in watch movies on iPad 2, free movie converter for iPad may be your indispensable software to convert video to iPad 2.

At last the question is: What the type of jailbreaking tool will use with iPad 2?

Is it Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, Greenpois0n, Spirit, Limeran1, or a new?
Please comment !!!

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