I know that they will love it, who’s ever wanted to watch a movie or do a presentation on a larger screen. Today’s announcement of the iPad 2, Apple is bringing HDMI to iOS by way of an adapter.

This will be great for teachers in the classroom and for people who give presentations. The iPad 2 also supports full 1080p so videos will look great wherever you display them.

The new Digital AV Adapter plugs into the iPad’s 30-pin connector at one end and at the other end it has an HDMI port and another 30-pin connector. This gives you the freedom to charge your iPad while using it. This is a great feature to have because no one wants to run out of power mid-way through a presentation. The Digital AV Adapter is also compatible with the iPhone 4 and the fourth generation iPod Touch. It’s currently unclear if the iPhone and iPod Touch will support video mirroring, but you will be able to output video nonetheless.

Many were hoping that Apple would include a dedicated HDMI port with the iPad 2. Apple may not have included it on the latest model, but they did manage to incorporate it in another way that will work for most people. With so much focus on the size and weight of the iPad 2, it makes sense that Apple would not include a built-in HDMI port, instead opting for the cable rout. If you have an Apple TV this may not be such a big deal to you, but if you ever have to give a presentation, then the Digital AV cable might be a real lifesaver.

Source: Apple.
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