RecognizeMe is a new Cydia tweak which brings the first real face recognition to iOS devices . Precisely, instead of entering passcode on lockscreen, you just have to use facial recognition technology.

RecognizeMe is the first Facial Recognition security for the iPhone. Although not perfect, RecognizeMe does a pretty good job at facial recognition, given optimal conditions. RecognizeMe sits on the iPhone passcode screen, so it serves as an alternate to, rather than a replacement for the passcode.

At the lockscreen, when you slide to unlock, the passcode comes up and at the top it gives you an option to use RecognizeMe, so that you can choose one of the two options (passcode of facial recognition). Overall, this really awesome, thanks to developers. RecognizeMe will hit Cydia store soon, it will be $6.99 for the first 3 weeks and then $9.99 after. Enjoy the video.



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