The management and application deployment in large companies is an essential and FileWave is one of the most advanced software.
The company’s eponymous software released the new version, now at number 5.

Thanks to FileWave who administers the distribution network via the various PC , Mac or machines Linux will have a complete and advanced.

One of the new, and certainly more useful addition to the current version is the ability to deploy applications iOS to the various devices.

Thanks to the Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), the administrator will be able to send to the various iPhone and iPad purchased applications on the App Store without having to do it manually each iDevice .

Other new features include the Remote Wipe, or the ability to remotely delete data, Intelligent Downloader, which allows the administration control of each file to allow the changes without creating ad hoc deployments.

An overview of the new features of FileWave is available on the site .

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