Just a few hours ago, MuscleNerd has posted a new tweet which may confirm that he’s dumped the A5 processor bootrom of both iPad 2 and the not-released iPhone 5. This step is the most important and difficult one to develop a low-level exploit jailbreak.

It’s nice to see Apple hasn’t *entirely* lost its sense of humor way down at the bootloader level: http://is.gd/fvvQHt

We don’t know what the above tweet means but at least some hackers do. The popular iPhone developer Veeence has tweeted asking MuscleNerd, “you dumped the A5 bootrom?” followed by a tweet from Stefan Esser (aka i0n1c) saying “Does that mean you dumped it?” so you may want to answer us MuscleNerd!
Anyway, we hope that MuscleNerd has really dumped it and we hope to see the iPad 2 jailbreak soon. Stay tuned for more to come.
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