UPDATE: SemiRestore has now been released, check out our SemiRestore tutorial!

A new tool has been announced Semi-Restore which should come as a huge relief to many jailbreakers. We’ve all been there, we jailbreak our devices, load them up with all the best jailbreak tweaks and apps only to be stuck with a sluggish iOS. The answer to this problem is to restore and only install the absolute necessities, but what do you do when the current iOS is not jailbreakable and your device cannot be restored without installing an unjailbreakable firmware?

Enter Semi-Restore, a tool which bills itself as a partial restore of your current firmware. This is a quick and easy way to wipe your phone clean without doing a full restore(which would require you to install the latest firmware). This would be great for those who are selling their devices and want to keep the resale value of having a jailbreakable firmware.


However, since this is only a semi-restore, it will not replace any of the core iOS system files, so if your firmware is corrupted, chances are this is not going to help. But if you want to get your device running at max speed and still be able to jailbreak, this might just be the tool for you.

Semi-Restore is currently in the beta testing phase, we will let you know more info as it comes!


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