There seems to be good news for the people who have hastily upgraded the iOS to the new and latest iOS 6 recently released by Apple. SoftRa1n has recently come out with an untethered Jailbreak for the iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS and the iPad 2 and 3.

This means that users who have upgraded to iOS 6 or want to upgrade to that iOS can now do so without having to wait for the Jailbreak.

Recently the speed in which these Jailbreaks are created are amazing to the least. And the beauty of an untethered Jailbreak means there is no need to attach it to your computer once the phone restarts or turns off.

The best thing about a Jailbreak is the fact that once installed the Cydia app allows you to equip your Apple device with all these tweaks that can make things like buying expensive Apps a simple matter of downloading.

Almost any app can be purchased for free using a jailbreak and the proper tools. The new Jailbreak from SoftRa1n allows users to unlock their devices and use it with any SIM that they wish to use.

However this particular service unlike the one offered by RedSnow is not free and can be purchased from SoftRa1n’s website for a price of $ 24.99. But given the fact that the team responsible for coming up with this particular Jailbreak assures users that there won’t be any problems coming up and the price includes life time Customer Support and updates.

The method is described through a Step-By-Step process that can guide even the ones who are new to Jailbreaking. The software can be downloaded off of their website and it is usually advisable to wait for the proper and free jailbreaks however for users who aren’t too patient this is a viable tried and tested option.


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