iPhone Trivia 1
Today is iPhone trivia day. I will be posting iPhone related questions throughout the day! The first question for the trivia is:  I work for Apple’s law firm and have been trying to get Appulous shut down since the beginning. I wish I was better at my job :(. What’s my first and last name?

Do you think you know the answer? I’ll help you by giving you some hints:

  • Here is a fill in the blank: I_ _ R_ _ _ _ _
  • He has sent a notice before to an editor on Wired.com

If you know the answer, post it in the comments section. The first commenter to get it right will have their name updated in this post! Comments will be moderated, and the correct answer will be approved later, to give everyone a chance to try to figure out the answers themselves.

WINNER: vania Smirnov

ANSWER: TBA (To Be Announced)

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