The new iPhone 5 service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, finally have 4G LTE connectivity. Now the question is, which iPhone 5 is faster? And does it matter that it supports both 5GHz Wi-fi in addition to 2.4GHz? The tests reveal that there is a very definite winner and a clear-cut loser.

Surprisingly the clear winner here for the 4GLTE is Verizon. The Big Red Iphone 5 dominated on Big Red. Just a margin behind was Galaxy S III(on Verizon). The iPhone 5 on AT&T came in third place and in forth we had the HTC One X(also on AT&T).

Sprint was way behind as it is yet to provide LTE network coverage in major cities. It’s 3G service gave a downloading average of 1.5Mbps and failed the upload test. The same results were found on Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE.

Sprint may have an unlimited data plan but without 4G services it is not up to speed.

iPhone 5’s now claims that its wi-fi internet will be much faster than before as it now has an additional support of 5GHz bands in addition to 2.4GHz band. And the claim was spot on as the iPhone 5 averaged a downloading speed of 37.8Mbps while being connected via 5GHz. At 2.4GHz it performed at an average of 8.7Mbps. The difference increased as far as uploading was concerned. As the iPhone 5 showed upload speed of 26.9Mbps on 5GHz and 3.7Mbps on 2.4GHz.

So there you have it, surfing on the internet is faster on the iPhone 5 as compared to its Android competitors.


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