It might be that the new generation of Apple, the iPhone 5 has already been jailbroken , that is what we have got from the well known Noted jailbreak developer Grant Paul , some of you know him as Chpwn . As he has just tweeted a new tweet on his timeline  showing  us a screenshot of Cydia on the iPhone 5’s taller display .
He added that the Cydia icon is not fake which proves that the iPhone 5 could really be jailbroken or  it is the iPhone 5 jailbroken day 1 at least .

Devices like the iPhone 4 and the 4th generation of the iPod touch -A4 devices – can now be jailbroken on iOS 6 , But devices like the iPhone 4S and the 3rd generation of the iPod touch _A5X devices- can’t be jailbrken on iOS 6.

Whatever seeing the Cydia on the desktop of the iPhone 5 is an expected step but not after a few days of the realesing of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Stay tuned for any updated news about the jailbreak.


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