Paper is a digital sketching app for the iOS made specifically for the iPad and it also won the 2012 Apple design award! FiftyThree is the company behind this work of genius and the app is a pleasure to look at!

They have just launched version 1.1 of the app and it some new features with some much needed updates. It makes drawing fun and more creative; you can buy the entire packaged app for $6.99 or get single tools for $1.99 each. It has a multi-touch interface and is one of the best apps made if you want to draw or sketch.

The new version brings with it 3 times more faster ink for every tool and the drawing area has been increased as well. The paper team according to an interview with Verge said the following:

“When you draw, you want strokes to appear at an even speed and even rate, which gives the system a reliable feel. If you hit the CPU or GPU at an even rate, the results end up being very smooth,” he says. Every brush inside FiftyThree’s “Expressive Ink Engine” has been fine tuned to be up to three times faster, and you can now draw all the way to the edge of the screen — a top request from users. The 1.1 update also saves battery, since requests are made to the iPad’s processor more consistently. The Rewind feature, which lets you undo brush strokes, also received some attention in Paper 1.1, and responds accordingly based on how quickly you move your two fingers in a circle.”

The new version has a number of improvements; users can tap & hold with one finger to select a page from a notebook, and then use to other hand to navigate other notebooks, once they have selected another notebook they can simply release to drop the page in the new location. It includes a duplicate feature as well which is a great help.

The new update has increased its usability and check out the paper 1.1 on the App Store it certainly makes you want to draw it’s that amazing.



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