The iPhone is out and in the middle of speculation and it’s a lot like the rumors said it would be. Preorder stocks have been worn-out and the devices are expected to strike the consumer market on 21st September. Samsung has done something really new and surprising; their new print ad was really out of the blue and unexpected! They have compared their Galaxy S iii with iPhones 5 which has entirely attacked the iPhone 5 even before it launched.

The print ad has shown the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III comparison of features and expectations. On the top of the ad, it mocks the new iPhone by saying ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ and at the bottom, it’s written the next big thing is already here Galaxy S III. See the ad for yourself.

This seems like a reaction to the case Samsung lost to Apple in the U.S which made them suffer a loss of $1 billion. It is a bit crazy as the iPhone hasn’t been used by the people yet. It could also lead to an advertising war between the two big rivals. Let’s see how Apple responds. Feel free to comment!

Update: Apple fan boys were quick to respond and they created an image of their own using Samsung’s own print ad. See the image for yourself:

Don’t settle for plastic Samsung may have made a poor attempt considering the iPhone 5 hasn’t arrived in the market yet. After these adverts, the rivalry is expected to ignite between the two companies. What’s your take on this? Feel free to comment!


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