Back in June, talks begin about the Windows Phone 8 with all it bolstered features. According to a recent news from the blogger Mary Jo Foley who focuses on the Microsoft on ZDnet, the Windows Phone 8 is up for the RTM. The images and contacts have been cited with her comments about the release to the manufacturers; Microsoft has internally signed the Windows Phone 8 as the “code complete”. The images ( shown by Mary Jo Foley clearly delineate the RTM of Windows Phone 8. In the image we see the Microsoft employee, the VP of cooperation, Terry Meyrson, signing on a poster tiled with RTM.

According to the leaks, the Windows Phone 8 shares features with the Windows 8 as to support the system profoundly. The first smartphone to come with the operating system is the Nokia’s Lumia 920. Window phone 8 featured with multicore chips, high definition displays, the micro SD cards, Nokia maps, VoIP services and most significantly the screen shot support will definitely make Nokia’s Lumia 920 a competition for the recently released iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.

The have been beans spilled for the launch to be in coming October. Looks like Microsoft will be back in the game soon.

The Window Phone users will be getting the Windows Phone 7.8 which includes latest start screens and other interesting features of Windows Phone 8.

We expect to hear the news for Windows Phone 8 release in coming few days.


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