Now that the iOS 6 is released, it’s a question of should users upgrade their jailbroken devices to iOS 6?

A jailbreaken iDevice has a lot of apps and OS tweaks from the Cydia app store and an upgrade to iOS 6 will mean that you will lose all that. Of course, it will take time for the developers to come up with a new hack and until that time comes jailbreak users can either wait or go ahead with the upgrade.

Last time when iOS 5 was launched, it took two months for the first untethered jailbreak. However, that did not cover devices with the A5 processor like the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, and it took another month to make the Absinthe A5 tool available after which Apple devise were jailbroken.

The advantages and disadvantages of losing the jailbreak are as follows;

Three months is a long time, and the problem are still unknown and Apple might have added in additional counter measure and going around that might even take longer.

It also depends on how much Cydia apps and tweaks you use. If you just use Cydia for a couple of things and can live without them then upgrading should not be a problem.

However, for users who use data tethering it might be a difficult call to make. If you can do without having to add a fifth icon to the dock, rename apps, and reskinning the iOS then giving that up for the new Apple maps, redeem tickets, coupons and the other features would be worth it. Moreover, if you are thinking more along the terms of hardware upgrades then taking into account the faster processor, console like graphics, taller screen, 4G LTE connectivity and other stuff things, then the first 3 months may not seem like that much of a long time.

Although Apple itself borrows a number of things from the jailbreak developers and so, some features will still be there, like the FaceTime over 3G feature is now a standard!

This debate is more of a personal preference thing, and for people who use tools like SBSettings, IntelliscreenX, Sparrow, Chrome, and custom themes they would have a much bigger problem in switching to a non jailbroken iOS.

Which is why it’s advisable to do so only if you can live without the tweaks and the fancy customizable stuff. What would you do? Upgrade or stick to the jailbroken iOS?


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