The whole idea behind jailbreaking is to fill the gaps Apple created, and through jailbreak tweaks that you get those options and those features you have hoped they were provided natively, but just weren’t. One example of this is the famous multitasking jailbreak tweak, Zephyr.

Chpwn`s tweak mainly offers two features. First, the ability to swipe left and right to switch between open applications and second is the ability to swipe vertically to reveal the multitasking switcher.

The tweak has gained become very promising and very famous after its release and with the later updates which aimed at fixing the bug fixes that were reported by users and bringing major improvements.

Zephyr has been updated again to V1.2 bringing iPad and iPad2 support as well as a 0.1 second delay for switcher and other bug fixes and improvements. Here`s a full list:

  1. Supports the iPad and iPad 2. 
  2. Sensitivity settings for all gestures. 
  3. Add 0.1s delay for switcher. 
  4. Improved performance and reliability. 
  5. Fix a number of bugs, including some crashes 

The tweak is available on Cydia and of course, you will need a jailbroken iPhone to install it.

Enjoy !!


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