Update : Version 5.40released ! Crack is out !!

v 5.40
* Added CallBar support
* Added “Use System Ringtone volume”
* Fixed crashes with AppStore apps
* Less code dependencies

Download 5.40 Cracked : Official

[NOTE] This app is pre-activated, so just install it and use it. Do not click on “DONT CLICK!” button or you’ll have to uninstall the app and install it again!

AnyRing Features

  • Set any song as a Ringtone
  • Set your recorded voices as Ringtone
  • Select short tones as SMS Ringtone
  • Email Ringtone
  • No Audio conversion
  • Choose starting point/ending point of selected Ringtone
  • Enable or Disable Vibration
  • Share your Ringtones via Bluetooth
  • Support for YouTube
  • Support for BiteSMS
  • Support for Partial Hebrew
  • Easy to use interface
  • Support for iOS 5.0

AnyRing 5.0 has been launched. AnyRing is a paid tweak for iphone by which you can plau music as ringtones.

With AnyRing you can easily select any music on your iPod library to play as a ringtone. AnyRing even lets you select your favorite part of the song (starting/ending points) to use as the actual ringtone. Does not require any audio conversion of any type!

AnyRing 5.0 is updated to include the beautifully designed user interface. All the code is again rewritten to make it more efficient and optimized. User Interface is completely newly designed to include far better look , desgined by the Suki.Co.il . Now In AnyRing 5 is now able to change the E-mail ringtone.

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Previous Version
5.31 : Official
5.28b : Official
5.27 : Official
5.22 : Official
5.13 : Official
5.1 : Official
5.0 : Official
3.80 : Official
3.2.2 : 4shared 

3.2.1 : 4shared


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