Update : Version 1.7.2 released ! Crack is out !!

This update should drastically help get questions answered quicker and more efficiently.
-Added custom email form that automatically includes helpful files
-Added link to brand new FAQ, which will be periodically updated

Download 1.7.2 Cracked : Official

Move2Unlock will let you unlock your iDevice like never before. Why use the boring slider when you can simply move the lockscreen instead? Or perhaps you want to pinch the lockscreen out of the way, the choice is yours!
It is customizable using options such as hiding the slider, different unlock types and animations (move lockscreen, move translucent overlay, pinch to unlock, pull badge, rotate lockscreen), distances, directions, hiding the lockscreen clock and much more.
Even though other lockscreen tweaks often work to some extent (especially LockInfo), they are NOT officially supported.
Please see the changelog for important information!

Known Bugs: -When in app on iOS 5, a black layer may sometimes be seen under the lockscreen -“Rotate Vault” is currently out of place on iPad -Notifications will appear under translucent overlay and the vault.

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1.7 Cracked : Official


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