I`m sure you know by know about Spire, the first legal Siri port that requires a Siri proxy and an iPhone 4S authentication key to get Siri up and running on your older version iDevice. Spire has been the long awaited solution to port Siri for many older iDevices models users.

That`s why it`s coming as an alarming piece of news to hear that Apple is fighting Spire. In case you are unfamiliar, Spire installs Apple`s Siri files through Siri proxy.In an attempt to fight this, the fruit company have added a “setActivationToken” which stops Spire in its tracks.

The jailreak team has created a workaround that issue by simply deleting “com.apple.assistant.plist” using iFile. However, it is said that iOS 5.1 is bringing Siri upgrades with the new iPad and iPhone coming which means Apple will have the upper hand again.

We are still not sure if that`s a common problem or just a glitch and we are still not even sure if that`s Apple upgrading Siri or intentionally attempting to eliminate illegal users.


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