One day away from the CES and the iPad 3 rumors are coming in heavy. iLounge in a report today revealed some specs of the long-expected iPad 3. Some of them conform to older rumors, while others bring more talk to the playground.

iLounge claims that they caught a glimpse of the new iPad 3 and what the company will bring to the new tablet. According to them, the Retina Display missing from the iPad 2 is coming to the new tablet.

Conforming with some of the previous rumors, iLounge said that the new tablet is a tinsy bit thicker than iPad 2, just 1mm thicker. However, the entire design is identical to the iPad 2. Remember the case with iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, identical on the outside, revolutionized on the inside, and the difference in design can only be seen if both tablets are compared side by side, it` something like that. Editor Jeremy Horwitz adding: “you could walk past this new iPad on display and have no idea that anything had changed

Rumor also has it we will be meeting a brand new camera resolution on the new iPad. Rejoice iPad lovers, you photos not so cool resolution problem will be soon fixed. It`s unknown till now whether the iPad 3 will feature a 5 mega pixel camera like that of iPhone 4 or an 8 mega pixel like iPhone 4S. Either of which will be huge step forward and a door to crispy, sharp, breath-taking photos. Disappoinitng though, there doesn’t look to be a flash.

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