Not many people find it interesting to hear that Apple TV iOS has received a jailbreak. There just arent that many things to do with a jailbroken Apple TV iOS. Well, we might be able to change how you that notion. Well-known developer Steven Troughton-Smith in collaboration with other hackers (TheMudkip) managed to bring iOS applications to the Apple TV.

Although Apple TV`s software is built on iOS, getting native iOS apps to run on it is not a piece of cake. The developers had to re-write the springboard from scratch.

Troughton-Smith showed a couple of photos on his Twitter account of his jailbroken Apple TV running multiple iOS apps. He also said that developer TheMudkip is responsible for most of the legwork in this project.

Here`s a video of the hack action. Its not out yet, but it looks very promising.


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