VideoStream Allows You to Sync Videos Across iOS Devices Over iCloud

A couple of months ago, the photo stream feature was introduced to allow the syncing of photos across iOS devices and desktop computers instead of the messy plug-and-play. The feature only supported images, not videos. Apple and the carriers probably don`t want people sending huge video files over their networks. With the iPhone 4S now recording 180p video, that would be a lot of data going over 3G.

In an attempt to reach a solution, Apple has given the green light to developers to work on iCloud`s storage servers. Developers were given an API and thankfully, one developer offered Video Stream; a way to keep video files in sync over iOS devices just like the way photo stream does with images.

With Video stream, you can simply import images from the Camera Roll or take then using an iPhone`s camera. As you place the videos inside the app, you will option of using three levels of compression before uploading the video to iCloud. Choose the “High” setting unless if you`re on a 3G network.

Once uploaded, the video will be available for other iOS devices to download once the app is opened. The app is great, but we`re hoping Apple will integrate the feature in iOS.

The app is available at $0.99 from HERE [iTunes Link], though according to the developer, it`s an offer price. So, if you want to get your hands on it, make it fast.


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