Twitter has just received a major update for its iPhone and Android versions. The social network app has undergone some changes both under the hood and with the UI. The iPhone version is upgraded to version 4.0 and the Android version updated to version number 3.0.

Once you install the app, you will notice the Replies tab is no longer there. The @mentions and replies tabs are now replaced with a new “Connect” tab. Similar to the Twitter web app redesign, the mobile apps now show more just replies here, with Retweets and Favorited tweets now added to the mix.

Another added feature is the “Discover” which is the new home to Twitter trends and search with hashtags also present.

We`re still looking deep under the hood to see what else has changed. However, there is one feature that could discourage you from updating and that is the removal of the reply, tweet, retweet and more options that you used to get when swiping across a tweet in the older versions. Now, you have to wait for the tweet to load to act on it. The extra time could be annoying somewhat.

We will keep you updated on the latest findings.

Download Twitter for iDevice [iTunes Link]

Download Twitter for Android [Market Link]
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