Apple`s Siri is without a doubt the most functional and the most dazzling voice assistant feature out there. So far, no voice assistant service has managed to parallel Siri`s technology. So, if you`re an iPhone 4S owner, you`re blessed, but what if you are not? Is there a way to enjoy some of Siri`s magic?

We have heard that hackers managed to successfully port Siri to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, but if you`re an older device owner, you might want to check this tweak.

It`s called Voice Actions and it allows users to send SMS mesaages, emails, set alarms, and arrange for appointments. The app seems to understand what you are saying just as good as Siri. However, like the case with Siri, the understanding part could suffer depending on where you come from. Thicker accents are not easily picked up by Siri or Voice Actions for that matter.

One area where Siri and Voice Actions don`t meet is that Siri provides users with editable list of commands, while Voice Actions offers a large icon with the option to record commands. If you ask something that doesn’t need the app to log to Safari, you will be meet by a solid black background with a set of text. So, it`s not as classy or chic as Siri.

Voice Actions is for $4.99 on the app store. Download your version now and give it a try.


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