A feature all iPhone 4S owners agree it is like no other, is Siri, iPhone owners personal assistant and right wing. Siri`s job is to answer all of your questions in a fast and accurate way. Though flawless in theory, Siri could go wrong sometimes if your accent is not a generic American one. It doesn’t always understand what you`re saying, but it is getting better.

One other issue that a considerable number of iPhone 4S owners is the “Raise to speak feature” we`ve talked about before. Theoritically speaking, Siri should be activated when you move your iPhone close to your ear. Have you tried this and found Siri as non-responsive and mute as ever?! Have you asked yourself if you have a handset with faulty sensors?

Good news, you probably not. For the “Raise to Speak” feature not to accidently activate, Apple made sure that it only activates if you`re holding your phone to your ear in a certain way. Let`s see.

Hold the iPhone facing you as if you were using it normally. Then, move it to the side of your head and twist it at the same time, finishing the one fluid movement with the phone at the side of your head. I bet you didn’t see that one coming!!!

Hopefully this tip will prevent any more non-functional “Raise to Speak” incidents.


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