Who wouldn’t love a good Siri laugh?! Would you like to send out fake Siri conversations to your friends just for the kicks. Well, iFakeSiri is just your guy. This web-based app will enable you to create your own fake Siri conversations.

Ask Siri what you want and have her reply with what you supply her. There`s nothing really useful about this app, like we said, it`s just for entertainment.

Once you visit the site, you can supply Siri with a series of words that you`re saying and type in what she responds back with. Be sure to use the “me” and “Siri” in the text box to generate the message correctly. When you`re done, click the “create conversation” button, and your page will load with a fake Siri conversation which you can copy or share the link.

Perfect your joke with the carrier`s name on top of the conversation page, as if it`s coming from a real iPhone. You carrier options are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. So, if you`re using another carrier, then you`re not in luck.

Give a try guys and have some fun !!


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