Although the focus has been about Apple`s iPhone and iPod Touch for some time now, looks like Apple has not forgotten its 4G iPod Nano and just released a new software 1.0.3. So, today when you connect your iPod to the computer, you`ll be welcomed with a “please upgrade to the new device software version 1.0.3“.

The new software brings some bug fixes plus multiple new options like the turn Cover  Flow Off if the user wants to as well as a support for Apple`s yet-to-be-released in-ear headphones with remote and mic and a support for the regular earphones with remote and mic. Apple has also fixed the instability issues when using the Nike+iPod dongle.

The new 1.0.3,58 MB software version also offers fixes to many of the minor issues that were encountered with the previous version. It`s a safe and quick upgrade. Enjoy iPod Nano owners.


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