According to MusclNerd, member of the Dev Team, there is something interesting about the unlocking status of the new version of Apple, iPhone 4S. The brain hacker posted on his Twitter timeline that the unlocking of iPhone 4S will be much easier than iPhone 4.

All the iPhone 4’s users know that the its unlocking couldn’t be achieved by the team for many reasons, but what about the 4S?

MuscleNerd posted the screenshot (shown below) saying that it’s a “very promising 4S unlock“. BUT, this unlock won’t work on the iPhone 4, only iPhone 4S.

There were a trick which can unlock iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS but it only works on AT&t and it survive for minutes.

iPhone 4S users would better wait for an ultrasn0w update from the iPhone Dev Team. Stay tuned.


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