iPhone 4S Battery Issues: Hardware Or Software Related? [Report]

Initial Facts:
First: many iPhone 4S’s users have reported, just after the launching of the units, that some issues causing fast battery discharge on handset.
Second: after few days Apple released iOS 5.0.1 and confirmed that the new version will fix this problem.
Third: After that, Apple, again, confirmed, that iOS version didn’t fix the battery issues and it is still investigating the issue and will release iOS 5.0.2 soon.

Through these facts Apple didn’t mention the the real reason behind the iPhone 4S battery issues appeared, by other words, is the iPhone 4S battery issues hardware or software related? As some people thought that the issues are hardware-related and some thought that it is a software related.

Today, ZDNet report says it all, the iPhone 4S battery issues are not hardware-related, but rather, it’s all about software problems.


Because according to some lab tests, after restoring a backup from a device having battery problems to a similar device that runs fine and because vice versa, it has been proved that the issue can be “ported” to other iOS device.

The testing shows that the iPhone 4S hardware has now problems and Apple should just look to release newer iOS to fix this issue.

In brief, there’s a bug in iOS 5, and even more in iOS 5.0.1, causing battery causing premature battery drain. Apple is already working on fixing but and we’re expecting iOS 5.0.2 very soon.

My last words: However, jailbreakers mustn’t update to neither iOS 5.0.1 nor iOS 5.0.2.

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