Apple has once again notified developers that their matched libraries will be erased on Sunday November 12 which signifies a close launch for the service.

It`s worth noting that developers received a similar email on the 27th of October letting them know their libraries will be erased which confirmed Apple`s launch date announcement for the service, during the latest media event, to launch by the end of October. However, October ended without hearing a word from Apple about an official release date.

Apple said that it all current iCloud libraries for iTunes Match will be deleted on Saturday November 12 at 10 a.m. Developers were also asked to turn of iTunes functionality on all computers and iOS devices.

In a note to developers, Apple confirmed that the songs already on the computer will not be deleted and were advised to backup and not delete the music they add to iCloud from the computer.

iTunes Match supports music collections of up to 25,000 songs for $24.99 per year. The service will scan users’ personal music libraries, including songs obtained from ripped CDs or other locations, and match them up with tracks sold on the iTunes Store.


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