We have been hearing a lot of news for some time now about Siri`s port to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch which was after some hard work on the part of the jailbreak community, successfully ported and connected to Apple`s servers indicated through by a confirmation message “Mission control, I read you loud and clear”. As much as this news brought joy to older iPhone devices owners, it didn’t last for long since the hack can`t be publicly released for copyright reasons..major disappointment.
We just received interesting news tweeted by developer @rpetrich saying that he has been able to port Siri to iPhone 3GS. The port seems to be working fine but the microphone on the iPhone 3GS is worse than that on the iPhone 4.Ryan Patrich is working on Activator integration now.

Definitely good news for iPhone 3GS users.A jailbroken 4S was required for this. So, We still have no ETA.

Here`s the video for Siri`s port on iPhone 3G


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