We heard some interesting news two days ago about Apple testing Siri on the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 got their hopes up and are on pins and needles till Apple finishes its testing phases hoping they can finally get to talk to the intelligent voice assistant. Well, sorry to have gotten your hopes up. True Apple has been testing Siri on the iPhone 4 for quite some time now, but the part about iPhone 4 users getting it on their phone is just not going to happen.

As we said, Apple has long been testing Siri on the iPhone 4. In fact Apple employees have Siri on their phones. Apple has even left references in the latest iOS 5.0.1 beta for the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch, but don`t forget Apple is a hardware selling company. It just doesn’t go around giving away stuff for free.

It`s true Siri is working great on iPhone 4, as smooth as it works on iPhone 4S, but that doesn’t mean you`ll get it. There is a reason why Siri is exclusive to iPhone 4S. First reason being for marketing. The iPhone 4S wouldn’t be so special if Siri, its most impressive feature, is in everybody`s hands.Besides, Apple spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get Siri where it is now; a reliable personal assistant.

One other reason is Siri`s future which we have been hearing a lot about, and that future just won`t work on A4 single-core processor.

In short, Apple is in fact testing Siri on iPhone 4, but iPhone 4 users won`t be getting it.


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