If you`re an iPhone owner dreaming about a native Gamil app for your iPhone, but you`re just not seeing it happening, then you`re in luck here. MG Siegler reports that Google is “on the verge of “ launching a native Gmail app and has already submitted it to Apple to review.

This native app reportedly supports push email notifications which a lot of iPhone users complained it lacked in the web version of the app optimized by Google for the iPhone and supported by iOS inbuilt Mail app.The downside to the Mail app is that it pushes email every 15,30 or 60 minutes which is not very practical and unreliable.

According to Siegler, the native Gmail app will have a fantastic design as well as a support for Priority Inbox and one-click starring, contact icons, better threading,and deep searching functionality as well as a possibility to have G+ integration.

The application has not been approved by Apple so far. So, don`t go over cloud nine just yet.


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