Scophos security firm released a report on Saturday warning against a Trojan horse known as “DevilRobber” found hidden inside copies of Graphic Converter 7.4 downloaded from bit-torrent file-sharing sites.

DevilRobber is capable of stealing usernames, passwords, taking screenshots of users activity and sharing it online. It can also run scripts that copy information concerning truecrypt data, Vidalia; in addition to your Safari browser history and bash_history to a dump.txt.file.

It is also found to search for “pthc” files ( pre-teen hardcore pornography). It is not known at this time whether one of the secondary features of DevilRobber is to find traces of child abuse on affected computers.

DevilRobber can also talk over Mac`s GPU to generate Bitcoins, a digital currency to perform online instant payments under the radar of bank authority.

Sophos cautions users to be more alert to signs of infection by malware. For example, the slowdown of overall computing performance, with affected users reporting sluggishness as the Trojan steals GPU resources for mining purposes.

This malware is the most recent in a wave of programs targeting an increasing number of Mac owners. It`s best if you only download your software from trusted sites.


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