Who hasn`t heard about Siri?! I guess no one even if you`re not an iPhone 4S owner, you must have seen an iPhone user boosting about it or a TV ad. In short, Siri, the intelligent voice assistant, is the most impressive feature on the iPhone 4S.

Few hours today we post about Siri GUI Installed On iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G (Guide) with Video shows but still facing the silent treatment lingering problem. Few minutes ago developer @stroughtonsmith announced that he have Siri connecting to Apple’s servers on iPhone 4, Yesssssss.

The image below shows Siri’s answer “Mission control, I read you loud and clear”.

If you have an iPhone 4, you can be the first one who know the way to get Siri on yours by following us. Just follow guides Here first.

Update (1): Video for iPod Touch 4g:

Update (2): Troughton-Smith exclusively provided 9to5Mac with the a video that shows Siri fully working on an iPhone 4. The video not only shows the Siri functionality on an iPhone 4, but is in depth and shows a side-to-side comparison against its newer, faster sibling, the iPhone 4S. In addition, our video shows the Siri Dictation in action. Troughton-Smith also shared with us some specifics about the porting.
Troughton-Smith tells 9to5mac that an iPhone 4S jailbreak was necessary in order to accomplish the task of porting the proper files for Siri’s servers to connect to an iPhone 4. We also sat down with Troughton-Smith for an interview about the port: You can read the full interview HERE.


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