iCloud on iOS 5 will automatically backup your data during the day when you`re on Wi-Fi and plugged to a charging outlet. The question is what if want to manually start a backup in case you won`t be using it for a while? Yes, there is a way to manually backup your data.

Here`s how:

1-First tap into your Settings app and tap into iCloud.
2-On this screen you’ll see a list of all the services you are syncing with iCloud.

3-Scroll down a bit further and you’ll see a button labeled Storage & Backup. Tap it.

4-Scroll all the way down to the Backup sections and you will see a button labeledBack Up Now. Tap it to start creating an iCloud backup.
5-iCloud will begin creating a backup for you. It can do this in the background so you can continue using your device like normal while the process completes.

Our Notes:
1- iCloud will create backups for you regularly but it will only perform a backup when you are connected to Wifi and plugged in to a charging outlet.
2- To users on tiered data plans, if you need to create an iCloud backup manually make sure you are on Wifi if at all possible.
3- If you have any other questions about iCloud backups or anything iOS in general, just comment and redsnow and his friends will help.


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