Following Apple`s release of its new iPhone 4S, rumors have surfaced with regard to an iPad 3 which is going into production and is expected to be released by March 2012. Now, rumor has it Apple is going to produce a mid-range 7-inch iPad to be released next year and which presumably will be dubbed ”iPad Mini”. This is a bit strange because as it is widely known Apple`s late Co-founder, Steve Jobs, loathed 7-inch tablets and wasn`t discreet about it.

The iPad Mini is rumored to launch in early 2012 and to have the same 1024×768 resolution, but on a smaller 7.85 inch screen. Taiwan’s United Daily News has stated today that Apple has received samples of some 7.85″ screens from LG Display and AU Optronics.

This rumor implies that Apple is competing with Amazon which has recently released its Kindle Fire tablet, a 7-inch display which is set at an affordable -by- many price of $199. One speculation about this could-be-true iPad Mini move is that Apple might feel threatened by the Kindle Fire since many consumers would opt for a mid-range tablet.

The question is, are we going to see a new Apple during Cook`s era?

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