apple tv 2 real racing 2 party play Apple TV News from the Web: Edition 6

This week in “Apple TV News from the Web”:

1. Siri on Apple TV?
2. Real Racing 2 AirPlay and Party Play
3. Coming to Apple TV – iTunes Match
4. Movie streaming

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1. Siri on Apple TV?

Now here’s an interesting idea, the intelligent personal assistant from iPhone 4S, Siri, could be integrated in your Apple TV. It would be amazing for us to get away from the remote controllers and finally use this great assistant. In the near future, we will be able to simply talk to our TVs, let’s hope they will talk back.

9to5mac, Is Siri coming to your television

2. Real Racing 2 Airplay and Party Play

Real Racing 2 comes with an amazing update, like AirPlay with the Party Play mode. They also fixed the bugs and increased the memory optimizations. The popular car racing game from Firemint will definitely take advantage of the new iOS 5 and iPhone 4S/iPad 2 so you can enjoy a great performance.

Firemint, Party Play Update

3. Coming soon to Apple TV – iTunes Match

Apple is bringing another great feature to the owners of little black boxes. If you will subscribe to soon-to-be-released  iTunes Match, you will be able to access your entire music collection from iCloud — including songs you’ve imported from CDs or bought somewhere other than iTunes — right from your Apple TV. The service will be $24.99 a year.

iTunes Match has a scan-and-match feature — all the songs in your iTunes library are scanned and then matched with those available on the iTunes Store. Matched songs are instantly added to your iCloud library with no uploading needed. Any remaining songs are automatically uploaded from your computer to iCloud.

4. Movie streaming

Apple could be streaming movies on iTunes Store, in fact, they are negotiating with the film studios to make this happen. Imagine that in the near future you can stream movies or TV shows to your favorite devices from Apple with transferring them. You don’t have to search for films that can be played only with an iOS device. In the future we may have a simple solution for this.

TUAW, Apple negotiating for streaming movies on iTunes Store

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