Who wants to remain shackled by Apple`s “wall garden” ?. I guess no one and that`s why you are usually anxious to jailbreak your iPhone, so you can have it YOUR way.

That`s what WinterBoard is for. It`s a third-party application developed by Saurik Freeman,a respected tweaks developer, that allows you to completely customize your iOS SpringBoard. You have a wide variety of themes that will probably cover your taste.

Saurik confirmed in a tweet a couple of hours ago that WinterBoards`s latest version (0.9.3901) supports iOS 5.

From Twitter

“WinterBoard (0.9.3901) is now fully compatible on iOS 5. Many, many thanks to @saurik for his hard work! pic.twitter.com/RB8rTRC7”.

WinterBoard is a free app available on Cydia for free.To use WinterBoard,you will need a jailbroken iOS device.If you want to jailbreak your iDevice , follow this guide.


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