It`s no longer going to be “the three U.S. carriers”, folks we have a new kid town and his name is “C Spire Wireless”, the largest privately-held carrier in the country. C Spire is a regional carrier that offers service in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. The C Spire network is CDMA, like Sprint and Verizon.

The country announced on Wednesday that it will start selling the new iPhone 4S in the coming weeks. According to Dave Miller, the company`s Media Relations Manager, C Spire Wireless will be offering the best unlimited data plan in the industry; unlimited minitues, text, and data for $80 per month for your first line, and $40 for your second line.

The iPhone 4s is the fastest selling iPhone so far. Apple sold over four million units in the first weekend which is a mind-blowing number putting the handset on track to become the fastest-selling consumer electronics product of all time.

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